How do we achieve Our Goals:

Goal 1. Enhance Oakland’s Quality of Life:

Policy 1: Maintain a range of quality housing options, from executive homes to studio apartments to live/work options. Encourage a range of affordable housing options serving different lifestyle needs, income levels, and household composition, with increased opportunities for all income levels to achieve homeownership.

Policy 2: Enhance quality of life amenities such as recreation, arts and culture and entertainment.

Policy 3: Work with community groups, residents, and business organizations to maintain a safe and clean environment throughout Oakland.

Goal 2. Retain & Attract New Businesses / Increase Workforce Preparedness

Policy 1: Encourage and actively attract businesses in key industries that build upon Oakland’s competitive advantages and offer high wage jobs. Target industries including, technology; health care industry, tourism/hospitality.

Policy 2: Encourage and actively attract business functions target engage high skilled and semi-skilled labor, including satellite functions of existing companies. Target business functions including customer service centers, businesses utilizing advanced technologies such as research and development,.

Policy 3: Continually enhance the City permitting process to assist businesses to locate in Oakland without unnecessary delay or cost, while ensuring a customer and business friendly program.

Encourage Existing Business Retention and Expansion:

Policy 1: Support an active business retention and expansion program for existing businesses.

Policy 2: Support home-based businesses in residential neighborhoods.

Policy 3: Support the development and expansion of business incubator(s) to serve upcoming bio-tech and other entrepreneurs seeking to utilize technology.

Increase Workforce Preparedness of Oakland Residents:

Policy 1: Form an educational taskforce of economic development organizations, educational institutions, residents and businesses to pursue strategies to enhance Oakland’s primary and secondary school programs.

Policy 2: Collaborate with key stakeholders to develop educational and training programs targeting the needs of technologically advanced companies and creating future opportunities for Oaklanders.

Goal 3. Safety

Policy 1: Encourage community-policing, police officers and community partners jointly prioritize and tackle public safety issues that are most important to the community.

Policy 2: Ensure youth in the neighborhood have positive ways to spend their spare time, through organized recreation, tutoring programs, part-time work, and volunteer opportunities.